Colds off the nose of a newborn child? There was a simple domestic trick


Nasal congestion is a very common problem in winter If they are adults, they can take shelter of domestic totka to solve the problem themselves But the problem is in the case of newborns They are unable to speak openly about their problems Their only means of communication is crying How to solve their nasal congestion for newborns? There are some home remedies (easy home remedies to open new born’s blocked nose) 6

Oil massage-

If your newborn has a stuffy nose, lightly massage mustard oil around his nose. This will help the mucus to harden Rubbing mustard oil on baby’s forehead, nose, chin, chest and back will help.



The antibodies that are present in the mother’s breast milk, it eliminates many physical problems of the baby As a result, the child’s immune system increases Increases the ability to fight infection Don’t forget to breastfeed your baby for colds or nasal congestion.

Kangaroo Therapy-

The best way to keep a newborn warm in the winter is with kangaroo therapy. Just as a mother kangaroo always holds her baby in her arms, so should you. As a result, the mucus accumulated in the nose and chest will begin to dry quickly.


Eucalyptus oil on the pillow-

Eucalyptus oil is very effective in opening closed nose But not on the baby, put a few drops of this oil on his pillow The smell of oil will help to open the nose.

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