Does Anal Sex Make Me Gay?

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Guys, you are going to notice something special that women won’t be experiencing at this point. Men are blessed with the prostate. As you move your dildo in and out you will notice an amazing sensation when the dildo is all the way in. This sensation is caused by the dildo stimulating your prostate. Prostate stimulation during orgasm will produce the most intense cum shot you have ever experienced… Yes I mean ever!

Does Anal Sex Make Me Gay? Absolutely not! This is usually the first question straight guys ask. Let me ease your mind by assuring you that just because you enjoy the pleasures that come from healthy ass play you are not gay. Gay people are gay because they are attracted to people of the same gender. Plenty of straight guys understand that there is a lot of joy and sexual gratification found by stimulating the prostate – стимуляторы простаты. Whether you enjoy a little private play alone or your girlfriend rips you a new one with her strap-on, you are no gayer than the guy that has never touched his own butt. You are just luckier!

Love Toys is a Las Vegas manufacturer of some awesome sex toys. Today let’s talk about their line of hand made butt plugs. Each butt plug is made with the love and attention only someone from Las Vegas could provide. The Sex Toy Blog is pleased to offer three of their plugs: the small butt plug with four inches of butt plugging power, the jelly tight ass butt plug (perfect for first time users), and finally the slim jelly anal, a starter anal dildo that everyone can enjoy. All three are fine products that will satisfy even the most butt hungry among us.

Another great starter plug by Doc Johnson, the Crystal Jellies Butt plug is a very approachable beginner plug. Even the most tight-assed among us will manage to find their inner ass-beast with the crystal jellies butt plug. If you you are a power bottom and you love ass play, one thing you know better than any one else, is the joy of beads. This graduated beaded plug will give you both the joys of beads and the penetrating power of a plug. Start easily with the smaller bead and gradually increase your pleasure power as you slide the plug in. Moving up in the world of ass play are we? The Crystal Jellies Butt Plug will be the pleasure center of your ass play when small no longer satisfies you. While this is not the largest toy you can put in your butt, this is definitely a safe and comfortable size that will even satisfy the most anal toy connoisseurs out there.

The Doc Johnson Rump Shakers is almost too exciting to talk about without laughing with joy! Doc Johnson’s Rump Shakers not only average butt plugs, these ass delights vibrate. No… I’m not kidding. With easy to use dial style variable controls, you can gradually increase the speed as you approach orgasm. There are seldom objects that can bring people so much happiness, but the Rump Shakers certainly break the mold. Great job Doc Johnson. Now can you end world hunger? I guess you can if it is ass hunger!

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