How Advertorials Can Help You To Promote Your Business On Facebook

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Advertorials have been the traditional way for advertisers to market their products and services. However, in recent years, there has been a growing trend for marketers to use the medium of Facebook. According to research, people are spending more time on Facebook than any other website. Even with the ongoing debate about the impact of online media on society, this fact cannot be denied. Adverts are making their way into the homes of more people than ever before, but is this good for businesses?

Adverts in print can be considered spam, but on Facebook, the adverts must comply with certain guidelines. Although adverts run counter to the principles of good taste and decency that are prevalent in our society, Facebook has chosen to ignore them. Although adverts were once considered spam, they are now viewed by millions of users as a form of social interaction. This seems to be a good model as previous studies showed that those who responded to adverts were often more likely to perceive them as advertisement.

Adverts that run on Facebook need to be more contextual than those that appear in a newspaper or magazines, as people expect them to offer more information. Adverts that appear in a specific context can be more effective than those which appear in a random manner. The more targeted the audience, the greater the chances of people taking action and actually buying a product or service.

However, many businesses are concerned that they are losing control of the message when using social media for advertisements. As mentioned previously, most people are more likely to respond to adverts which are more contextual than a general advertisement. Adverts that are too vague or generalised may not achieve their purpose. Adverts should be designed in such a way as to make the consumer feel that they are being engaged with and that they have control over the content.

The way in which adverts are displayed on Facebook can also vary depending on the advertiser. Adverts which are displayed on the right hand side of the page will generally attract more clicks because it is more likely that these people will want to take action. This means that those businesses who use this method should aim to ensure that the adverts are noticeable. They should not be buried in the corner of the page which will lead consumers to ignore them. Using vibrant and colourful advertisements is a good way to achieve this.

Advertorials on Facebook can also be seen as a distraction to consumers. When people are looking for an item or service they do not want to spend time reading through the adverts, they will move onto the next product/service that they find. In order to get people to read your adverts, you will need to create content that will spark their interest and get them interested in your products and services. Many of the popular social media platforms are highly successful at doing this. People are able to stay longer on a page because they are attracted by the advertisements.

Adverts can also be seen as spam. It is fair to say that this has become a major problem when using Facebook for business purposes. Those who use the site for social media marketing will need to make sure that their adverts are relevant, honest and targeted towards the audience they are intended for. Adverts which are blatantly promotional in nature will lead to a significant drop in clicks and could even result in a person deleting the advertisement.

Adverts which are well written, which include useful information and use effective selling techniques will tend to stand out from the crowd. Advertorials are becoming more popular in Facebook in recent months. However, because social media users are given so much control over what they see and how they respond to adverts, those who are creative will be able to take advantage of this. Adverts which have an air of truth and which provide value will stand out. Those who are not creative and who simply write false facts about a product or service will find themselves quickly banned from the platform. The newly launched is a one stop shop for all marketing and advertising needs.

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