ISL 2021-22: Why Roy Roy, Sandesh, Carl McHugh are affected by covid? Why did the question arise with ISL?


Own report: Not one. According to sources, Covid (Covid 19) has been turned into a mini hospital for attacking it. Roy Krishna, Subhasish Bose and Carl McHugh are heard to be positive. Even star defender Sandesh Jinghan’s corona report has come back positive. Sources further claimed that family members of several local and foreign footballers have also been infected with the deadly virus. As a result, the team’s practice has already been canceled. Not only that, but the future of the current ISL (ISL 2021-22) was also questioned for the virus to penetrate the green-maroon hard biological protection zone.

As a rule, it is mandatory for both the teams to undergo RT-PCR test before every match. It is learned that the ISL management decided to postpone the match against Odisha FC immediately after the reports of Roy Krishna, Shubhashis Basu and Carl McHugh came positive at around 10 am. It is heard that the practice of the team has been canceled for the time being. All footballers are banned from stepping outside the house. As a result, it is not possible to have lunch or dinner together. The team meeting is also closed for the time being.

The organizers are also getting information about how Corona got into the Green-Maroon camp. Was the biosphere relaxed at all? That too is being scrutinized. The claims of a few people in Goa could loosen the belt for McHugh. Carl McHugh was injured in the last match against Hyderabad on January 5. Many believe the Irish midfielder contracted the virus while in hospital. After returning from McHugh Hospital, several of his teammates went to see him. That’s where the virus has spread in everyone’s body. Therefore, besides raising questions about the future of ISL, there is a lot of discussion about whether Mohun Bagan will be able to play it against Bangalore FC on January 5.


An official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said, “Everyone was shaken after the Corona attack on Mohun Bagan, but Corona entered the Goa biosphere at least 15 days ago. Multiple footballers from all the teams started attacking. It is heard that FC Goa has been hit by everyone’s corona this season. Several of their footballers were attacked by Corona. Derek Pereira’s side have not practiced for the last five days since the January 2 match against the Kerala Blasters. As a rule, everyone in the Goa team had to go into seclusion. However, Goa will take on Chennai at 9:30 pm on Saturday.

The I-League has been suspended for six weeks due to Kovid’s attack. Then why ISL will not be stopped? It is heard that FSDL does not want to suspend ISL in any way. A big reason for this, IPL will start in April. As a result, if ISL is pushed back, it will be difficult for the broadcasting TV company to find a slot. So if the situation is a little normal, the organizers have the idea to end the ISL by organizing two matches on Friday and Saturday like on Sunday.

Last year, the entire competition was held in Corona. North-East United head coach Khalid Jamil and defender Ashutosh Mehta were infected with the virus before the start of the competition. Kovid was not on the rise when the ISL started this season. However, the country’s number one football competition started following all the rules. Like last season, this time too, starting from footballers to support staff, everyone is being kept in the organic ring. Everyone was kept in seclusion long before the start of ISL. Even if a footballer or support staff joins the team in the middle of the season, they have to stay in seclusion. However, the spread of this deadly virus could not be avoided. Do not break through the hard biological protection zone.


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