Pediatricians like to wear a mask in front of the child even in case of common cold


Nuclear family or close family, now there is fever in the house If there is only one person in the house, everyone else has 6 Is this the usual picture of winter like every year? Or is the rate of infection much higher this time?

See, seasonal diseases occur more or less every year during the winter climate change. Many people have problems to adapt to this time This year, of course, the picture is different This may be because we have been struggling with the coronavirus for the last two years or so. It can have an effect In addition, there are many mutations in viral infections – antigenic shift, antigenic drift. Which is not a bacterial infection In the case of a bacterial infection, we may be able to predict the type or severity of the infection.

And in the case of viral infections?


In the case of viral infections, there are many mutations (virus mutations) As a result, the severity, type, or frequency of infections varies from year to year. I think as a result of that change, the infectivity rate has increased a lot this time The infection is spreading very fast

How to keep the kids well in this situation? Earlier we used to say that he has returned from school infected But now the children have been under house arrest till the eighth grade He has been suffering from fever since he was sitting at home How do I keep them well?

Now our main task is to keep children away from infection If adults are infected at home, they should stay away from children When sneezing or coughing, cover your face with a handkerchief It is very good if you can stay at home wearing adult mask after infection Wear a mask in front of your child if you have a cold before you know if the covid is positive. The main caregiver of the child should be careful not to get infected (guidelines for keeping children healthy).

What will be the diet of children to increase immunity?


Outside food is not at all Give the child less spicy food made at home Include zinc, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin D in your diet. The baby should drink milk every day Seasonal vegetables include carrots, papayas, beans, spinach and lots of oranges and muslins. It is very good if you can eat a few small pieces of mango (immunity power) in the morning

From the very beginning an idea was formed that in the third wave the children would be more affected by the corona Can the same thing be said now with the help of Omicron?

The virus is changing so frequently that it is impossible to predict anything Early in the corona but we found that the rate of infection in children is less than 6 This is because the ‘AT receptor’ that causes the corona virus to enter our body is less common in children. 7 more than adults However, for the last two weeks, the tendency to become infected in children is really high Infection may be less severe, but the rate is much higher

What to do if the child has a fever?


Do not give any medicine other than paracetamol Feed plenty of water Give healthy food 7 Look at it like this for two days If fever and other symptoms do not subside or the condition worsens, consult a doctor immediately. However, it is 8 in the case of 10-12 year old children In case of newborns or children below 10 years, but do not wait When the fever comes, consult a doctor

What are the symptoms of anxiety in children?

If the fever is high or the fever does not go down with paracetamol, then go to the doctor Also, be aware of symptoms such as excessive sweating, skin infections, dehydration, and decreased urination. This is a time when many types of viral infections are going on Outbreaks of dengue are still present The symptoms of influenza, dengue and even covid are more or less the same

Has there been any change in the symptoms this time?


This time there is a terrible pain in the hands and feet Even if you put your hand on the skin, it hurts 10-12 year old children are saying such symptoms on their own

We always have conflicts about bathing children in winter or during fevers What should be bathed?

Of course you should Take a bath in lukewarm water Even if the fever is high, we are talking about sponging If there is no problem, there is no problem in bathing in winter

How to keep newborns well? They can’t even say anything


Usually the mother is closest to the newborn baby So mother must be careful first If the mother is not infected with Corona, there are still no guidelines for breastfeeding. However, wash your hands, cover the baby with a thin cloth and then breastfeed If the mother is infected, she must wear a mask If the covid is not positive but has a common cold, you should wear a mask If the child is still infected after that, take him to the doctor immediately

Those who have become new mothers will get vaccinated?

Of course Those who are breastfeeding can get Covid vaccine Pregnant women should also take this vaccine েবে Think about your child

I will not hesitate to vaccinate children from 15 to 18 years of age?


No hesitation We understood the importance of ticks in Kovid episode 6 Children are vaccinated Vaccination may be followed by a slight fever or other symptoms There is nothing to worry about And senior citizens also take booster dose 6 At the same time I will talk about the flu vaccine Anyone starting from 6 months of age can get this vaccine There is no upper age limit You can get flu vaccine with the advice of a doctor The flu vaccine has been shown to increase resistance from 20 percent to 25 percent against earlier variants of covid. However, in the case of the Omicron variant, its efficiency is not yet proven

Even if the vaccine is vital?

This is the most important Remember, vaccines are not drugs or treatments It will give you the strength to fight Perhaps the effect of the vaccine was to soften the symptoms of the third wave So take the vaccine and follow the rules Last but not least, be careful not to panic

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