Raveena Tandon says Ram Gopal Varma didn’t wish to solid her in Shool, stated ‘I can only see you do Ankhiyon Se Goli Maare’

Raveena Tandon opened up in regards to the one position she needed to struggle actually onerous for. The actor recalled how producer Ram Gopal Varma was in no way satisfied that Raveena could be Shool’s Manjiri.

“For Shool, I had to (fight). E Nivas (Eeshwar Nivas), the director of the film, was absolutely convinced. If you see Shool, there’s Manoj Bajpayee and me. I am Manjiri, playing a lower middle class Bihari housewife with that orange sindoor and everything. Ramu was the producer, Ram Gopal Varma. And he was not convinced at all. He said, ‘No yaar Raveena. I shut my eyes and I can only see you do ‘Ankhiyon se goli maare.’ I was like, ‘Ramu please yaar!’He could not see me as Manjiri,” Raveena revealed throughout Netflix’s Actors’ Roundtable 2021.

She continued, “I requested him to give it a shot. Even E Niwas was convinced this is my Manjiri. Cut to, we are shooting. We did all the publicity shoot before the film’s shoot. I got out of my make up room, was walking to the corridor. I am in that look (Manjiri). Ramu was coming from the front. I looked at him and said, ‘Ramu, how are you doing? We were waiting for you. But we have already started.’” Raveena stated RGV walked out of the dialog with no expression in any respect.


“I was like he really doesn’t want me on this film. But I still went to shoot and was doing my thing. Suddenly after 5-7 minutes later I hear him go, ‘Oh my god! Raveena, that was you?’ And I said, ‘I rest my case,’” Raveena stated, including, “That is something I had to convince him to let me do because I was looking for that breakthrough. I was done with doing the kind of stuff I was already doing.”

Raveena is at the moment basking within the success of Aranyak, a Netflix sequence, which noticed her taking part in pahadi cop Kasturi Dogra. The thriller acquired overwhelming response from the viewers in addition to critics. Earlier in an interview with indianexpress.com, Raveena shared that she feels it’s the most important praise for an actor when the viewers sees the character on-screen relatively than the ‘star’. “When the audience doesn’t find a trace of the actor, I think it’s a happy moment for us. I think I have received the most positive feedback with people saying how they were not looking for Raveena. I think that’s what we worked for, and somewhere managed to achieve,” she stated about her Aranyak character, including that the viewers was in a position to differentiate the actor and the character even with Shool.


“Even now people have not forgotten that character. Nobody seemed surprised that I played a lower-middle-class Bihari housewife, with that accent. They didn’t see Raveena back then too. And that is actually when I realised that I can achieve what I had set out to do,” she stated.


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