Suffering from cold-cough-fever? How do you know if Omicron is a common cold? Learn


#Kolkata: The whole world, including the rest of the world, is overwhelmed by the new strain of coronavirus, Omicron. Omicron infections are spreading faster than wildfires. Cold-cough-fever in the house, do not report positive test. As a result, the number of corona cases in the whole world is increasing day by day. However, experts and even researchers at the World Health Organization (WHO) claim that this omicron is much less powerful than the Corona Delta or the Delta Plus variant. However, the ability to spread the infection is much higher. But Hu never said it was less important.

The symptoms of Omicron or Common Cold are similar to what is still known from the symptoms of Omicron or Common Cold. Influenza, common fever and coronary omicron variants have been reported in patients with sore throat, runny nose, body-limb pain and fever (Omicron or Common Cold). However, it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Many of the illnesses that usually occur during the changing seasons of the year are very similar to the symptoms of Omicron.

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According to Eskild Peterson, a professor at the University of Arhas in Denmark, and Andrew Friedman, a doctor at Cardiff University in the United Kingdom, “it is almost impossible to get rid of the common fever and omikron.” How do you know if cold-cough-fever means omikron or seasonal fever? Experts have mentioned a few symptoms, from which you can catch what disease you are suffering from?

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Symptoms Covid 19 Influenza Common fever
Dry cough There will be There will be Maybe not
Fever There will be There will be May be sudden
Nose off May be sudden Maybe There will be
Sore throat Maybe Maybe There will be
Shortness of breath Maybe Not seen Not seen
Headache Maybe There will be Not seen
Pain in the body Maybe There will be There will be
Sneezing Not seen Not seen Maybe
Stomach upset May be sudden Maybe Not seen

Also, if in doubt, consult a doctor and get tested. However, do not hide the fact that you are infected and get treated according to the correct rules.


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