This time the robot will read the words of the human mind, the world is excited by the new discovery in China


# Beijing: Recently it has been seen that different types of robots are being used for different tasks. These robots are being specially created to perform different types of work properly. Among them is a robot made in China, which is capable of reading human minds (Reading Minds). Scientists in China say technology has created a robot that can read the minds of human co-workers. They claim that the accuracy of this work of robot is about 98 percent.

In addition to monitoring the brain waves of the robot workers in China, the robot collects electrical signals from the muscles of the workers. This robot has been created to get a description of the speed of work of the workers, how they are working, what is going on in their heads, etc. The robot was created by the Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Technology Center at the Three Gorges University in China. When Workers (Reading Minds) work, they don’t need to say anything if they need to. That robot will understand that in advance and will help the worker in that task. The purpose of creating such a fancy robot is to bring more speed to the work.

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China’s goal is to maintain its dominance in the global robot market

Dong Yuanfa, a Chinese scientist and head of the project to build the robot, said that modern industrial manufacturing plants have 45 percent workload for assembling work, which covers only 20-30 percent of the total production cost. As a result, this robot has been created for this type of work. Many call this type of robot Cobot.

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Although robots and humans work together in different countries, a specific space is allocated for the robot. Because the fear of an accident remains. But this cobot has been brought in so that humans and robots can do all the work together. The robot will be able to predict what is going on in the mind of the co-worker, which will reduce the chances of an accident. Recently, robots and humans have been working together in a German car factory. China has created this sophisticated robot to take this kind of work forward.


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