Use of Diamond

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General Introduction: Diamond leads 黃鑽石 to have a luxurious life. Diamond is also supposed to enhance the name, fame and artistic quality of the person. Diamond is a hot gem creating goodness and removing the effects of evil. Apart from having ornamental value, diamond also guarantees strength, energy, beauty, happiness, longevity and a continuous sense of belonging. It is the most expensive gemstone in the category of gemstones.

The most auspicious diamond is one that is colourless with a blue tinge or one, which sprays blue, and red rays and is without black dots. The Diamond with a red or yellow hue or tinge is said to be beneficial and auspicious for kings, political leaders and administrators. The Diamond having a white hue is suitable for religious, social and spiritual works. The Diamond of yellow hue showers success and prosperity. The Diamond of black hue is suitable for people who are engaged in inferior jobs or professions. Women desiring birth of sons to them should wear an unblemished white Diamond having a slight black hue. The wearer of Diamond is protected from the bad influences of evil spirits, and snakebites. A defective or blemished Diamond causes great harm to its wearer.

It removes evil and fearful thoughts, improve financial conditions and blesses the native with comforts and peace of mind. It also cures diabetes, diseases of urine and private parts.

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