Video Animation

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Video animation is perhaps the most popular form of animation. Video animation started back in the 70s with the increase in the number of VCRs in homes. As VCRs became a common home accessory, the animation industry also grew at a furious pace to cater to the increasing requirements of animated films, especially kids who just could not do without an animated version of their favorite comic strip hero.

Demand was at its peak and consumers wouldn’t think twice before picking up scores of animation videos at their nearest stores. Another reason for the popularity of video animation was the increasing penetration television. With the advent of cable television and exclusive channels dedicated to animation films, their popularity reached unprecedented heights. Animation slowly made its way to mainstream movies. Animation has also been worked into major Hollywood hits to create unimaginable stunt sequences and other sequences, which could not be possibly filmed without animation. You have sequences in explainer video animation and films where entire cities are destroyed by volcanoes or humans being invaded by aliens. All these sequences appear spectacular to the naked eye and so realistic that it is hard to believe that these sequences were actually enacted using computer software.

Such has been the tremendous impact of animation software. The newer versions have made animation so much easier to do. Now even common people with a little bit of knowledge about computers and software can make their own animation videos. One can get extensive information about the latest animation software from leading online resources. One can find out about the latest video animation and the latest software on the market from these online resources.

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