What will be the future of secondary, higher secondary? Planned states


#Kolkata: Due to the deteriorating situation in Corona, schools and colleges had to be closed again But now the state government has no plans to cancel or postpone Madhyamik 2022 or Higher Secondary 2022. Instead, the Secondary Education Parliament and the Higher Education Parliament want to ensure that even if the school is closed, there will be no disruption in the preparation of secondary and higher secondary candidates.

According to sources, the state government is starting special classes for ninth and twelfth class students on television this time as the school is closed. This class is being arranged for secondary and higher secondary students only.

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Emphasis will be placed on completing the syllabus in the class taken on television which could not be completed in the classroom. Students will also be able to ask questions directly to teachers on the phone It is reported that plans are being made to take classes on television as well as radio

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The secondary examination is scheduled to be held in March next year In the month of April there is 6 higher secondary The state government has no plans to cancel the secondary and higher secondary schools last year. However, the state administration does not want to rush to open the school

Already many workers and officials of the Parliament of Secondary Education and the Parliament of Higher Education have been affected by Corona As a result, the preparation for the examination is being hampered Nevertheless, the state is moving ahead with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčorganizing secondary and higher secondary education as per the schedule.


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